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Samantha Western

President, CEO

Samantha Western has been involved in business and entrepreneurial endeavors all of her adult life. She grew up working in her father's floral and nursery business which she used to learn every aspect of working in and running a successful, multi-location company.  After college, Samantha invested the bulk of her time back in the family business where she sharpened her business skills prior to venturing out on her own. For almost a decade Samantha built and operated a very successful  landscape design firm. Samantha now serves as Rayeman Elements' visionary, while maintaining oversight of all aspects of the business. From finance and contract negotiation, to plant management and client relationship development, Samantha's high energy level and keen sense of entrepreneurship are a perfect match for a fast-growing business.


Mike Thomas

Vice President/Director of Technology

Mike Thomas has been in the manufacturing business for nearly 25 years. Specializing in extrusion processes and technologies, Mike was one of the pioneers behind breakthrough products such as wood composite decking. Mike is the inventor of numerous patents for his work in cryogenic processes as well as for several other cutting edge heating and cooling technologies. At Rayeman Elements, Mike oversees the development of all new products and methodologies, and can usually be found in the R&D department getting his hands dirty working out the details on new products.

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Ray Johnson

Financial and Business Advisor

Ray Johnson has had a mind for business since the age of 13.  Beginning as a mild mannered paper boy, he worked tirelessly until he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1950.  He was promoted to Sergeant after only 18 months of service, and attained the rank of Platoon Sergeant during his tenure stationed in Korea.  After his deployment he enlisted in the family business, while simultaneously getting his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Benjamin Franklin University.  He dedicated the next 47 years to Johnson’s Flower Center, growing the company from a local mom and pop florist to a 4 store franchise with over 200 employees in the greater DC area.  Ray was instrumental in every goal the company achieved – from securing the best space for each new location, to leading the company into the world of landscaping; from serving as Chairman of the Board, to captaining an entire business through a turbulent financial climate that spanned several decades, coming out on top and in the black.  Ray has also succeeded in the world of real estate, negotiating and managing property for clients including the Southland and Safeway Corporations.  Since his retirement in 2000, Ray has remained on the board of directors at Johnson’s Flower Center, and currently serves as the Vice President of Finance for Rayeman Elements.

Pam Guidici

Director of Operations and Finance

Pam Guidici has over 35 years proven experience in both large- and small-scale business optimization, including developing and implementing forward thinking programs, processes and procedures for continuous improvement, growth and productivity.  Pam has contributed her leadership abilities in the International corporate environment, supporting the airline, hospitality and seminar industries, encouraging growth and development of employees, departments and companies by embracing diversity and acknowledging and integrating the benefits of mentoring and team work. At Rayeman Elements, Pam contributes her diverse experience, range of talents and skills combined with a curious mind and perseverance to support all aspects of business operations.

Anton Bashnev

Director of Project Engineering

Anton Bashnev has been developing products for a range of OEM applications working with a variety of manufacturing plants and suppliers since graduating from Arizona State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In addition to cradle-to-grave product support, Anton has generated several testing and field warranty fix procedures and tools. At Rayeman Elements he continues to work on new product design and on-site customer support.


Legal Counsel and Intellectual Property

Dinnatia Doster-Greene has 20 years of experience as an intellectual property attorney. While working in the government, academic and private-legal sectors, Dinnatia has gained valuable experience conducting complex patent prosecution; handling patent enforcement issues, such as licensing and litigation; negotiating and drafting high tech agreements; and rendering opinions concerning the infringement, validity and enforceability of patents. Dinnatia began her career in intellectual properties as a patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Before joining Rayeman Elements, Dinnatia also worked for several prominent law firms in the Washington, DC area, and she managed her own law practice. Dinnatia is degreed in both electrical and mechanical engineering.  Dinnatia earned her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. Agricultural and Technical State University and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from John Hopkins.  She received her law degree from the University of South Carolina.

Alan Nichols

Director of Research and Development

Alan Nichols has worked in the product development and research fields his entire career. He started out professionally as a test engineer with StorageTek. This gave him extensive experience in vibration dynamics, thermal performance, and design for reliability. The majority of product development and research experience was gained through the 10 years spent with FIRST RF Corporation. There he directly developed, designed, built prototypes, qualified and manufactured a vast array of RF antennas and systems. The ability to work from concept through manufacturing has given Alan the skills needed to tackle all aspects of research and development. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln (Go Huskers) Alan is familiar with agricultural products and needs. With a diverse experience base, motivated attitude and company support, future discoveries are inevitable.

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