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Rayeman Elements Announces Sale of Grain Compression Drying Systems to Marquis Energy

Rayeman Elements, Inc., in conjunction with its partner Nationwide 5 LLC, has entered into the sale of multiple production dryer units to Marquis Energy of Hennepin, Illinois.


Turning the Screws on Drying

Mike Thomas was working on pelletizing wet distillers grains when the steam escaping from the extruders he was using got him to thinking that with some modifications, he could dry the wet cake as well.


Rayeman Elements Partners with Saola Energy on Leading Industry Bolt-On Enzymatic Biodiesel Technology Platform

Rayeman Elements, Inc. diversified its business model and created a Biofuels Division to provide patented and proven technology for the production of biodiesel co-located with ethanol plants.


Rayeman Elements Announces the Sale of Their Second State-of- the-art DDG/Grain Drying System

Rayeman Elements, Inc., in conjunction with its partner Nationwide 5 LLC, has completed the sale of their second production unit to Lincolnway Energy of Nevada, Iowa.


Rayeman Elements Introduces Groundbreaking Technology In Grain Drying

Introducing an innovative solution to saving energy, decreasing risk of fires in production, and creating a linear flow rate with wet-to-dry grains.


Rayeman Elements Develops Tub Press Technology With Controlled Consumption

Rayeman Elements Inc. has created a system that is not only the first of its kind, but offers a solution to the waste affiliated with traditional “lick” tubs.


Innovations TV Series to Highlight Rayeman Elements, Inc. in Upcoming Episode

Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. is proud to announce that Rayeman Elements, Inc. (Rayeman Elements) will be featured in an upcoming episode of the highly acclaimed TV series, airing second quarter 2017 on FOX Business.


Rayeman Elements Utilizes Innovative Technology to Reduce Ethanol Waste

Rayeman Elements and their team have successfully designed their patented technology that takes DDGs...


Rayeman Elements patents technology to turn DDGs into cubes for range feeding

This technology is providing sustainable solutions for range cattle as well as ethanol plants...


Rayeman Elements announces new DDG, grain processing technologies

Rayeman Elements has developed a patented method to cube distillers dried grains (DDGs).



Bova Cubes (DDGS range cube) Introduced

Furst-McNess Company and Rayeman Elements are introducing McNess Bova Cubes™


Rayeman Elements Inc., originally specializing in cattle feed supplements made from DDGS, entered the ethanol market with its dryers largely to mitigate fires in the industry, says Samantha Western, company president. Rayeman Elements' dryer employs a safer and simpler bulk densification system...

Rayeman Elements has long been involved in developing technology and equipment for bulk densifying dried distiller’s grains (DDGs) alongside a range of other materials ‘from feed to bioenergy to fuel’. Now, the company is branching out into the drying sector, and has recently secured a major order of production dryer units with ethanol producer Marquis Energy.

The FEW delivers timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production – from quality control and yield maximization to regulatory compliance and fiscal management.

The FEW is also the ethanol industry’s premier forum for unveiling new technologies and research findings. The program extensively covers cellulosic ethanol while remaining committed to optimizing existing grain ethanol operations.

Nebraska company turns ethanol by-products into dry cattle feed


Biofuels International

October 3, 2016


A Nebraska, US, company has found a way to make dry cattle feed pellets from an ethanol by-product without adding any binding ingredients. (read more)


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Business is doing well in Lexington


The Lexington Clipper-Herald

Danny Gruber | October 12, 2012


LEXINGTON – Nobody likes to see a major employer shutter its doors, but when it does happens, it’s gratifying to be able to post a 1.1 percent growth rate in spite of it. (read more)


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Company develops new distillers grains products for range animals


Ethanol Producers Magazine

By Holly Jessen | April 10, 2012


A Nebraska company is producing 100 percent distillers grains supplemental products for forage animals. “They love it out there if they can get it in a form that won’t fall apart, so it’s been a big hit,” said Samantha Western, president of Lexington-based Rayeman Elements Inc., adding that the condensed form keeps distillers grains from being dispersed by the elements, such as... (read more)




New Technology Keeps Distillers-Based Range Cubes Intact


DTN Weekly Distillers Grains Update

By Cheryl Anderson | DTN Staff Reporter

March 9, 2012


OMAHA (DTN) -- Range cubes made from distillers grains have typically crumbled or broken down in transit to feeders, resulting in between a 30% to 60% loss. However, a Nebraska company has developed new technology that keeps the cubes intact, according to Samantha Western, president of Rayeman Elements Inc. in Lexington, Neb. (read more)


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Alternative range cubes give producers new feedstuff

THE FENCE POST Plains Edition

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter feeding can be stressful for cattle producers, especially when hay prices are high. Corn stalks and pastures cue the most economically feasible options, but they don't always provide all the nutrients cattle need. Many producers feed some sort of protein supplement, such as range cubes to make up for the lack of protein on these lands. In the past, traditional range cubes have been the only option. The main problem with these cubes is they are made with binders and fillers, to keep the cubes...  (read more)



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