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Rayeman Compression Dryer

Replacing Conventional
Grain Dryers

This ground breaking technology creates a linear flow rate, converting wet grains to premium quality dry grains.  Water is vaporized by conductive heat transfer when the material is in contact with the electrically heated screws and barrel.  Additional heat is created by the mechanical shearing of the raw material and force of compression, allowing for moisture removal and self-sustaining heat which reduces energy costs.  This method provides optimization of heat transfer by continuously moving wet grains through the system at a steady rate, resulting in a uniform grain, dried to a specified moisture content as low as 12%.

Modifying by Section

Rayeman Elements' equipment is designed in sections, which allows the material to flash off its moisture during the transition from each row.

This allows for flexibility to produce modified wets, while still producing dry grains.

Business Opportunity

  • Significantly lower capital outlay vs. conventional dryers
  • Reduces - and potentially eliminates - emissions and emission permits
  • Flexibility to produce modified wet grains
  • Safe - explosion proof - reduces insurance and liability exposure and expenses
  • Significantly smaller footprint than conventional dryers


Test run of Grain Dehydrating System in Ord, NE

Rayeman Compression Dryer:

Our brand new Rayeman Compression Dryer (RCD 5000) has broken the limitations of conventional dryers by removing the possibility of explosions, significantly reducing operating costs, reducing and potentially eliminating emissions and emissions permits, and offering the flexibility to market modified wet grains as well as dry grains to the industry.

RAYEMAN ELEMENTS has invested Six years and over $20 million in research and development resulting in our patented twin screw drying technology which separates moisture and allows steam to flash off at low operating temperatures.

Explosion Proof

Cost Effective

EPA Friendly

Premium Product


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