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Rayeman Bulk Densification Line:

Ground breaking technology and equipment which bulk densifies just about any product introduced, reducing the footprint of the material by up to 70%, forming a cube, pellet, or log for feed, renewable energy, or shipping purposes.

A quality Rayeman Elements Product now available to diversify your revenue stream. More efficient. More Effective.

For Cattle Feed:

Our process transforms 100% Distillers Grains, wet or dry; or 100% Brewers Grains, wet or dry – into cubes with no fillers and no binders. Mechanical heating through shearing and rotation of the screws and 3 dimensional pressure creates a cube or pellet which does not fall apart during auguring or shipping to the rancher. There is less than 2% loss from manufacture to dinner time on the ranch. And dinner is sublime – super high protein (28% guaranteed) and delish fat (9% guaranteed). Return on investment for the manufacturer is excellent, as the high profit margin on the product accelerates the ROI time frame.

For Bulk Densification for Overseas or Long Distance Shipping:

Rayeman Elements' patented process can take any of hundreds of different materials and bulk densify the footprint of the ingredients by up to 70%.  Using our bulk densification process for overseas shipping means the material is easier to handle, both into and out of the containers on each end, the product picks up far less moisture on the trip across the water, as the product is completely moisture resistant – and nearly moisture proof, and this in turn assures considerably less loss or rejection at the other end – making it extremely economical.

For Wood and Other Bioenergy Products:

Rayeman Elements’ patented process provides the forum to use multiple feedstocks, such as dried or undried wood, various grains and residuals left in fields after harvest, or nearly any waste product from other processes, and bulk densify them into a pellet or a briquette.  Through our densification process and technology, the product becomes water-resistant, non-abrasive, cleaner burning, and more economical for shipping - either locally or internationally.  This is an excellent addition to coal fire energy plants for electric power generation, wood pellet burning furnaces for home heating, and boiler systems for hot water/steam for manufacturing plants around the world.

RAYEMAN ELEMENTS equipment and technology changes the future of waste and byproduct handling, sales, and value by creating a method of diversifying revenue streams, bettering current market segments, and creating new industries.

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