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Tub Press System

Automated Tub Press System

Supplement Tub

Rayeman Elements makes it convenient to feed distillers grains on the range with Supplement Tubs. You already know the advantages and cost savings of using distillers grains, and the tubs make it easier to feed your herd. Put the pre-filled tubs in the back of your pickup and take them where they’re needed. (Get a hand loading these—there’s 200 lbs in each one!) A free-choice supplement with added vitamins and minerals for pasture or roughage rations used for continuous feeding; expected intake is 1–3 pounds per head daily.

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Rayeman Automated Tub Press:

Our unique Rayeman Automated Tub Press is the first and only of its kind. It has the capacity to run at 5,000 lbs./hr. making 200 pound supplement tubs, without the use of binders or limiters. Consumption rate is controlled solely through density of the tub. Vitamins and minerals may be added as required or requested by the market.

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