By-Product to Bottom Line

Boost your profits with bulk densification

From brewers grain to orange peel to grape skins — income opportunities abound with our innovative line of equipment.

Read more about the benefits of turning waste & by-products Into a value-added commodity

The only patented Technology and

Equipment of its kind.

• High Rate 100% DDGs Range Cube and Pellet Line

• Individual Automated Tub Press System

• Grain Dehydrating Compression System (Dryer)

• Bulk Densification Line


Feed Plant

Rayeman Automated
Tub Press

Rayeman Bulk Densification Line

Compression Dryer

Rayeman Compression Dryer

• Produces no additional CO2

• Explosion proof

• Runs on electricity, rather than Natural Gas

• Runs at low temperatures and does not burn materials

• Extremely versatile in moisture levels

• Built in sections for ease of output increases or decreases as needed

• Extremely versatile in materials which can be introduced and dried

• Lower Cap/Ex than traditional dryers

• Lower Op/Ex than traditional dryers

Compression Dryer Overview Video

Rayeman Compression Dryer CO2 Savings

Rayeman Bulk Densifier

• No air is introduced in the densifying process

• Product maintains its integrity

• Opportunity to diversify your revenue stream

• Expands current market segments

• Creates new industries


• Animal feed

• Human consumption proteins

• Renewable and Alternative Energy Products

• Densification for Overseas and Long Distance Shipping


• Distillers grains

• Brewers grains

• Bio char

• Food waste

• Digestate materials

• Corn stover

• Cotton seed

• and more

Bulk Densification Overview Video

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